Include at least 1 position from Champions League and Europe League in your bet slip and get 25% freebet every time

Minimum birleşik pozisyon sayısı - 4; Maksimum sınırlama yoktur.

Minimum bahis tutarı 5₾; Maksimum miktar sınırlı değildir. Bahis limitleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi edin.

Her pozisyon için minimum oran - 1.3. Maksimum sınırlı değil.

The promotion applies to the Pre-Match and LIVE bet slips made with at least one position from one of the leagues: Champions League, Europa League.

* oyuncu bahis kuponu başına 100₾'ye kadar bir freebet alabilir


Match Positions Odds
2.5* over
1 1.6
220.5* over
Man. City
Real Madrid
2 4.3
Bahis: 100₾

Bahis bileti yapınca otomatik olarak 25% → 25₾ elde et

  • Freebet herhangi bir spora ve herhangi bir oyun oranına yerleştirilebilir.
  • Freebet kullanım süresi sınırlı değildir.
  • Freebet sadece bir bütün olarak yerleştirilebilir.
  • Kullanıcı Freebetle kazandığı takdirde hesabına kazanan miktar eksi bahis miktarı yatırılır.
    Yani: 10₾ Freebetle 50₾ kazanıldığı takdirde 40₾ (50-10) yatırılacaktır.
The amount of accumulated freebet during the day / promotion is 500₾.
Şart ve koşullar
When does the promotion start and how to get freebets?
  • The promotion starts on August 5th at 00:00 and ends on August 23rd at 23:59.
  • The best must meet requirements to receive a freebet:
    • Minimal number of combined positions – 4. Maximum is not limited.
    • Minimal bet amount - 5₾. Maximum is not limited. Bahis limitleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi edin.
    • Minimal odd on every position – 1.3. Maximum is not limited.
    • Freebet applies to the Pre-Match and LIVE bet slips made with at least one position from one of the leagues
      • Champions League
      • Europa League
When will freebet be credited?
  • Freebets are credited automatically after placing a bet.
  • On duplicated slips, freebet will be credited on the slip placed first, by time.
  • A player can get a freebet up to 100₾ per bet slip.
  • The max. amount of accumulated freebet during the day / promotion is 500₾.
How to use a freebet?
  • The freebet is valid through 00:00 of August 31st.
  • Freebet usage rules:
    • Freebet can be placed on any odd of any sport.
    • Freebet usage time is not limited.
    • A Freebet can only be placed as a whole.
    • If a Freebet wins, the user account will be credited with the amount of the winning minus the bet amount. I.e.: In case of a 10₾ Freebet, if the wining is 50₾, the amount credited will be 40₾ (50-10).
  • Freebet can be used anytime within the promotion period.
  • If the ADD GAME feature is used in the bet slip, the freebet will be credited if only the original bet met the requirements of the promotion.
  • Bet slips made with freebet cannot participate in other promotions.
  • Freebet doesn’t apply to the single and system type bets.
  • Freebet doesn’t apply to the Outright (special type) bets.
  • Registering and using multiple accounts, in order to take part in the promotion, is forbidden. A player will be disqualified. In case of identical/dubbed predictions from one IP, only the first one by time will participate in the Champions Club promotion, the rest of predictions will be annulled. It is possible to make a prediction from the same IP on the next stage of the promotion.
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the Europebet rules and a player found to be involved in fraudulent activity will not participate in the promotion and will not be awarded with the prize.
  • Europebet reserves the right to change terms of the promotion any time. The company will immediately publish all changes and the player must occasionally check terms of the promotion on the website

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