Play WINDFALL tournaments with Jackpot only on EuropebetPlay WINDFALL tournaments with Jackpot only on Europebet


Snatch the Jackpot or 1 000 times the amount of buy-in!

WINDFALL tournaments extend to Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

3 players are required to start the game.

The Jackpot extends to all WINDFALL tables and drops at random.

All players start with 500 chips, the blinds increase every 3 minutes.

The prize pool

The prize pool is compiled at random - the buy-in is multiplied by a random index from 2 to 1000.

Buy-in Prize pool upper limit
1₾ 1 000₾
2₾ 2 000₾
5₾ 5 000₾
10₾ 10 000₾
20₾ 20 000₾

Rake on Windfall tournaments - 5%.

Players can register and play in 4 Windfall tournaments at a time to increase the chance of winning the Jackpot.

Jackpot commission – 3%

The prize pool

The prize pool will be generated in the beginning of the game, as soon as the required number of players attend the table.

The Jackpot size depends on the buy-in:

40% of the Jackpot will drop on 1₾

50% of the Jackpot will drop on 2₾

70% of the Jackpot will drop on 5₾

80% of the Jackpot will drop on 10 GEL and more

Rules for the prize distribution:

Europebet gives players a chance to agree on a split distribution.
Split will occur only if all players of the tournament agree.
The split rules are chosen by the player with the highest amount of chips.

Two types of split are available:


prize pool is divided equally among players, despite the stacks.

According to the chips

players receive money from the prize pool in proportion to the chips that they have at the time of separation.

If the prize is determined with multiplying buy-in by index 100 or more and the players can not agree, the prize will be divided in the following manner:

Terms and conditions

  • If the Windfall tournament is suspended or canceled, the prize pool is divided in following way:
    • If the prize pool is 2x, all players receive their buy-in back.
    • If the prize pool is 4x or more, players receive a prize pool in proportion to the chips.
  • When registering for the Windfall tournament, the player realizes that all problems with the internet connection and assumes responsibility on the direct line and the continuous contact.
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the Europebet rules and the player participating in such cases will not be able to receive the prize.
  • Europebet reserves the right to amend or suspend the campaign, without providing any prior notice to the users.

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