From 4 May
Two-day series of 5 000d leaderboards for Windfall tournaments


First time in Georgia
only on Europebet, play Windfall tournaments in Omaha!

Get a double profit

In the Windfall Tournament

In the current game you can win amount in a random order - Buy in * up to 2 500 in a random selected index

In a special leaderboard

At the same time collect points and every two days, win an additional share of the 5 000d leaderboard!

Place Prize
1 1 000d
2 800d
3 600d
4 500d
5 400d
6 300d
7 250d
8 200d
9 150d
10 100d
11-15 50d
16-25 30d
26-40 10d
Condition Points
1 played Windfall Tournament 1 Point
Points according to the tournament buy-in amount X Points
Second place 1 Point
First place 5 Points

Example 1:

The player played in 2d Windfall and took 2nd place.
Player Points are equal to: 1(for game) +2(Windfall Buy-In)+1(for second place)= 4 points

Example 2:

The player played 5d Windfall and took 1st place.
Player Points are equal to: 1(for game) +5(Windfall Buy-in)+5(for the first place)= 11 points

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign starts on May 4 and ends on June 2nd.
  • Only verified players can participate in the campaign.
  • In the case of deal, players get the places according to the chips amount- the player with the largest amount will be in first place, in the second - player with less amount of chips.
    The players played 10d Buy-in Windfall and applied the deal making rule:
    1 player - 560 chips - points will be equal to: 1(for game)+10(Windfall Buy In)+5(for the first place)= 16 points
    2 player - 490 chips - points will be equal: 1(for game)+10 (Windfall Buy In)+1(for second place)= 12 points
    3 player - 470 chips-points will be equal to: 1(for game)+10(Windfall Buy In)= 11 points
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the rules and the player participating in such cases will not be able to get the prize.
  • Europebet reserves the right to change the rules or stop the campaign, without warning.

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