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every Tuesday for 9 weeks


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! Cheer for missed calls and on the next call win their prizes as well

Cheer for missed calls and on the next call win their prizes as well

  • If a player misses the call, his/her prize will be added to the next winner’s prize
  • Prizes will be added until the next winner answers the call
  • If a winner of the final prize misses the call, the prize will be transferred to the next raffle
Make a deposit

Don’t miss a day and collect tickets with innovative
method of equal chance


10₾ = 1 ticket

Collect a ticket for every 10₾ deposit in total

Max. 3 tickets per day

A player can collect maximum 3 tickets per day for deposit of >= 30₾

Multiplier Tickets Deposit
x1 3 30₾
x2 6 35₾
x3 9 30₾
x4 4 10₾
x1 0 0₾
x1 3 30₾
x2 4 20₾





30₾ = multiplier

Make min. 30₾ deposit per day, get maximum number of tickets today and get a ticket multiplier for the next day

Max. x7 multiplier

Increase tickets as many times, as you deposit 30GEL per consecutive days

Multiplier Tickets Deposit
x1 3 30₾
x2 6 35₾
x3 9 30₾
x4 12 30₾
x5 15 30₾
x6 18 30₾
x7 21 30₾





*During the week, on the deposit less than 30₾,
multiplier resets

Make a deposit

Watch the lottery every Tuesday at 20:00

Here, on Europebet website, also on the Europebet Facebook live and on SILK UNIVERSAL

16th April lottery

Terms and conditions

  • Tickets collection starts on February 11th at 03:00 and ends on June 15th at 02:59.
  • The daily countdown starts at 03:00 and ends at 02:59 on the next day.
  • A player gets a ticket for every bet that meets following rules: deposit/10 x multiplier
    • Every 10₾ deposit = 1 ticket. Tickets are collected for max. 30₾ deposit. (3 tickets per day).
    • When depositing min. 30₾ a player gets a chance to earn next day’s ticket multiplier. Max. x7 multiplier can be earned.
    • Multiplier gives a player chance to increase tickets as many times, as he/she deposits 30GEL per consecutive days.
    • If a player deposits less than 30₾ multiplier resets.
  • A player does not physically receive the ticket: the number of current tickets will be reflected on Europebet’s personal account.
  • Only tickets of the deposit, which was fully played within 24 hours, will go into the drum. In case of a deposit more than 30₾, at least 30₾ has to be played.
  • Collected tickets will be updated the next day before 17:00. Fraudulently collected tickets will be corrected in 72 hours after deposit was made.
  • Only tickets of verified users who have indicated their mobile phone number, working on the network of either of the mobile operators registered in Georgia, in the registered data, will end up in the lottery drum.
  • Account verification and mobile number change should be made during each raffle week, until Monday 02:59.
  • The lottery will LIVE broadcast every Tuesday at 20:00 on, Europebet’s Facebook page and on SILK UNIVERSAL.
  • Lottery and ticket collection period:
    Week Start of the ticket collection End of the ticket collection LIVE
    1 Week11 February 03:00 18 February 02:5919 February 20:00
    2 Week18 February 03:00 25 February 02:5926 February 20:00
    3 Week25 February 03:00 4 March 02:595 March 20:00
    4 Week 4 March 03:00 11 March 02:5912 March 20:00
    5 Week11 March 03:00 18 March 02:5919 March 20:00
    6 Week18 March 03:00 25 March 02:5926 March 20:00
    7 Week25 March 03:00 1 April 02:592 April 20:00
    8 Week 1 April 03:00 8 April 02:5910 April 20:00
    9 Week 8 April 03:00 15 April 02:5916 April 20:00
  • During the raffle LIVE, the host will be randomly selecting 5 winning tickets from the drum, owners of which will be the winners of the raffle (annulled tickets do not count):
    • Ticket N1 - 5 000₾
    • Ticket N2 - 10 000₾
    • Ticket N3 - 15 000₾
    • Ticket N4 - 20 000₾
    • Ticket N5 - Land Rover Discovery 2018
  • One user cannot win more than one time per raffle. If after the first win, their ticket is drawn again, this ticket will be annulled and the host will be selecting a new ticket from the drum.
  • During the raffle if a player misses the call, is busy or the phone is turned off, the prize will be added to the next winner’s prize.
  • The prize will be transferred to the next player until the winner answers the call.
  • If a winner of the final prize of current week misses the call, the prize will be transferred to the next raffle.
  • On April 16th, if a winner of the last prize/prizes misses the call, the host will keep selecting tickets from the drum until the next winner answers the call and wins all the prizes.
  • Europebet reserves the right to not give out the prize if the user is noticed in fraudulent activity.
  • Lottery licensing - N 19-03/339
  • Regulations.

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