Europebet presents the most prestigious championship in backgammon!

  • From April 29th to June 18th, 8(independent) finales of the week and 2 finales of each month will be held.
  • Money prizes and 2 trips(vouchers) to the N1 championship in the world are granted, for Monte Carlo - Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo.

Tournament in Monte Carlo

Tournament in Monte Carlo is the most prestigious, N1 tournament, in the world. This tournament brings together the best players from all over the world.

In 2017, BWC Monte Carlo will be held from 1 to 6 August.

In 2016, the prize pool was €280 000, and in 2017 it is expected to be even higher.

The championship will be held at the luxery Fairmont Hotel, which received a prize in the "Luxury Coastal Hotel" nomination.

A trip for the player who will fight for the title includes:

Air ticket in both directions.

Hotel "Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo" for 7 nights.

Registration for the main tournament - €1 200.

Different travel costs - €500.

To get to the finale of the week player will be able only in case if before the start,
the one will play at least 3d rake per day.

  Finale of the week Every Saturday, at 22:00 Finale of the month 21.05, 18.06, at 22:00
1 100d + Ticket for the Finale of the month Trip ticket(voucher)
2 50d + Ticket for the Finale of the month 450d
3-4 Ticket for the Finale of the month 300d
5-8 80d 200d
9-16 40d 120d
17-32   80d

Only those players who will win tickets in the finales of the week or pay a special fee 120d will be able to get to the finale of the month.

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign starts on April 29th at 00:01 and ends on June 18th at 22:00.
  • Cash prizes and 4 tickets for the finales of the month will be played on the finale of the week.
  • If player wins, the one will automatically be registered on the finale of the month.
  • To reach the finale of the week, the player must play a minimum of 3d rake within 5 days, daily, before the start. Example: for the finale on June 10, player must play 3d rake daily from June 4, for 5 days.
  • Finales of the week will be held at 22:00 on the following dates: 29 April, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May, 3 June, 10 June, 17 June.
  • The way to get to the finales of the month is to get the ticket at the finales of the week or to pay a special fee 120d.
  • The finals of the month will be held at 22:00 on the following days: 21 May, 18 June.
  • The required number of winnings in the finale of the month:
    Level Points
    Final 5
    Semifinal 4
    4 3
    8 2
    16 1
    32 1
    64 1
    128 1
    256 1
    512 1

  • Prize money will be awarded immediately after the end of each finale.
  • It is not allowed to give a trip ticket to another person.
  • The same player can not win more than one ticket for the final of the month. Accordingly, the holders of the tour can be 2 different players.
  • Unfair play will be punished and the player will not be able to get the prize.
  • Europebet reserves the right to change the rules or to cancel the campaign at any time

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