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Place a bet on any sport with the following conditions:

Place a bet of minimum 5₾

Combine minimum 3 positions

Select odds of minimum 1.3

Get lottery ticket to

 every 5₾ bet amount 

Get lottery ticket to

 every 5₾ bet amount 

Terms and conditions

  • Tickets accumulation starts from June 11th at 00:00 at ends on July 12th at 02:00.
  • A player will receive a lottery ticket for each placed bet in sports that complies with all following conditions:
    • The minimum bet amount 5₾; the maximum is not limited.
    • The minimum amount of combined positions – 3; the maximum is not limited.
    • The minimal odd for each position – 1.3; the maximum is not limited.
  • The player will receive a raffle ticket to every 5₾ bet amount. Example: 5₾ bet = 1 ticket; 10₾ = 2 tickets; 22₾ bet = 4 tickets.
  • Bets can be placed from mobile and desktop versions of the website.
  • All Pre-match and LIVE positions for any game can be on the slip.
  • Virtual sport bets and System Bets cannot participate in the promotion.
  • The player does not physically receive the ticket: the number of the current tickets will be reflected in the sports’ section of the Europebet personal account.
  • Only tickets of verified users who have indicated their mobile phone number, working on the network of either of the mobile operators registered in Georgia, in the registered data, will end up in the lottery drum.
  • Account verification and changing the mobile number should be made: until 4 July 02:00 – for tickets made in the period from 11 June 00:00 to 4 July 02:00; and until 12 July 02:00 for tickets made in the period from 4 July 02:01 to 12 July 02:00. Keep in mind that if you change your mobile number, on both time periods, the final lottery drum will contain tickets with both numbers and in case of drawing a ticket with an old number, if the user cannot be reached, the ticket will be canceled.
  • The lottery will be held in LIVE on Rustavi 2, Silk TV universal and Facebook LIVE, on 15th of July at 17:00.
  • Lottery and ticket accumulation period:
    Start of ticket accumulation End of ticket accumulation Raffle
    11 June 00:00 12 July 02:00 15 July 17:00
  • During the raffle, the host will be randomly selecting 10 winning tickets from the drum, LIVE, owners of which will be the winners of the raffle (annulled tickets do not count):
    • Ticket N1 – 5 000₾
    • Ticket N2 – 10 000₾
    • Ticket N3 – 20 000₾
    • Ticket N4 - 30 000₾
    • Ticket N5 - 50 000₾
    • Ticket N6 - 5 000₾ monthly salary during one year
    • Ticket N7 - 10 000₾ monthly salary during one year
    • Ticket N8 - White electric car „TESLA S”
    • Ticket N9 - Blue electric car „TESLA S”
    • Ticket N10 - 1 000 000₾
  • Any user may win a prize during the LIVE broadcast.
  • One user cannot win more than one prize per raffle. If after the first win, their ticket is drawn again, this ticket will be annulled and the host will be selecting a new ticket from the drum.
  • There will be only one additional attempt to contact a number that is out of the coverage area and if the attempt fails, the owner of the drawn ticket will not be receiving the prize and the host will be drawing a new ticket.
  • Europebet reserves the right to not give out the prize if the user is noticed in fraudulent activity.
  • Lottery licensing #19-03/287.
  • Regulations.

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