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Place a bet and receive a Freebet as a gift for each losing slip!

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In order to receive a Freebet, a ticket must meet the following conditions:

The minimal number of combined positions - 3

Minimal odd on a position - 1.5

Minimal bet amount - 1₾

Freebet applies to all Pre-match and LIVE positions

Retrieve 15% of each lost bet in the form of a Freebet

For example: A player has compiled 3 separate slips with bets of 10₾, 50₾ and 300₾. If they are unsuccessful, the player will receive a Freebet for each bet, meaning that they will accumulate a total of 54₾ ((10+50+300)*15%) on their Freebet balance.

Rules of crediting and use of Freebets:

Automatic accrual

Freebets are credited automatically after the status of the slip is reflected.

Sports only

You can only place Freebets on sports, on any odds of any game.

Unlimited accumulation

There is no daily limit on a number of Freebets to be accumulated and on the amount of a Freebet generated per slip. Freebets can be accumulated in any period of time, in unlimited amounts, on all bets meeting the Freebet conditions.


A Freebet can only be placed as a whole, at any time, throughout the promotion.


If a Freebet wins, the user account will be credited with the amount of the winning minus the bet amount. I.e.: In case of a 10₾ Freebet, if the wining is 50₾, the amount credited will be 40₾ (50-10).


On duplicated slips, the Freebet will be credited on the slip placed first, by time.

Place A Bet

Keep in mind:

  • Freebets do not apply to virtual sport and System Bets.
  • Slips placed with a Freebet cannot participate in other promotions.
  • The CASHOUT function does not apply to slips placed with a Freebet.

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