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play the newest type of Rebuy tournaments in Bura! In the case of losing,
return to the game as many times as you like, collect points and win a share from the prize pool!

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Tournament structure:

The duration of the tournament - 75 minutes.

Buy-in - 1.00₾.

Rebuy in case of loss - 0.20₾.

  • The player who returns with rebuy to the gameplay meets with a randomly selected opponent.
  • The number of returns to the tournament is unlimited.
  • Rebuy is possible within 75 minutes (during the tournament) - at any time.
  • After the time expiration, new tables are not created, all players wait when the game ends on active tables, and only after that the total will be summed up/results will be summed up.

The Rebuy tournament prize pool is distributed to TOP 10 players

If one wins 2 or more times in a row, the player gains more points. For each following win, the player gets one-tenths additionally to points, as many times as many wins one will achieve.

Winnings in a row Additional points Sum
1 1 1
2 1.2 2.2
3 1.3 3.5
4 1.4 4.9
5 1.5 6.4
... ... ...
  • In the case of equal points, the advantage is given to the player who played fewer matches.
  • In the case when both the points and the number of matches are equal, the prize will be distributed exactly in equal parts.
    Example: If the players who occupy I and II places have equal results, the prize will be summed up and divided equally - 150₾ / 2 = 75₾.

Distribution for minimum, 300₾ guaranteed prize pool:

Place Prize
1 100₾
2 50₾
3 40₾
4 30₾
5 25₾
6 20₾
7 15₾
8 10₾
9 5₾
10 5₾

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