On September 15-30, Europebet gives another 4 players a chance to get to Malta and participate in the main €500 000 event - Battle of Malta.

Travel to the Battle of Malta without satellites! Collect chips playing cash games(Hold'em and Omaha) and Windfalls, win the relevant finale and get a trip to Malta!

Rules for cash table players:

The period

September 15-27

Finale date

September 29, 20:30

  • Registration and accumulation of the start stack is possible only by playing on the cash tables in a specific period.
  • The player must play as many rake hands as possible on the tables of Texas Hold'em or Omaha with a limit of 0.1 / 0.2₾ + and collect chips for the final tournament.

Starting Stacks:

Raked Hands Starting stack
200+ 50 Chips
2 000+ 500 Chips
4 000+ 1 500 Chips
7 000+ 5 000 Chips
10 000+ 10 000 Chips
Position Prize
1st – 2nd Package to Malta
3rd – 10th 99₾ ticket to Malta’s Sunday Weekly Final ticket

Rules for Windfall tournament players:

The period

September 15-28

Finale date

September 30, 20:30

  • The player must win as many Windfalls as possible and collect chips for the final tournament.
  • The best will get to the tournament on September 30 with a stack in accordance with the won tournaments.

Starting Stacks:

Won Windfalls Starting stack
1+ 50 Chips
10+ 500 Chips
20+ 1 500 Chips
50+ 5 000 Chips
100+ 10 000 Chips
Position Prize
1st – 2nd Package to Malta
3rd – 10th 99₾ ticket to Malta’s Sunday Weekly Final ticket

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign starts on September 15 at 00:00 and ends on September 30 at 23:59.
  • Only the verified players can participate in the campaign.
  • Players will be registered to the tournament automatically, one day before the tournament's date.
  • Players who do not join the tournament will be denied the right to participate at the end of the first stage.
  • One participant can win only one trip to Battle Of Malta, in case of a double win, the second prize will be given to the player on the second place in the relevant tournament.
  • Within 5 days after the winning, the player must represent all the documents(including the passport), otherwise, the ticket will be given to the player who took the next place.
  • The unused prize is not replaced by a cash. It is forbidden to sell, transfer or exchange prize to a third party.
  • If the winner for any reason can not use the trip ticket, it will be given to the player who took the next place by rating.
  • Winners must participate in the marketing and advertising activities of the company. In case of refusal, Europebet reserves the right not to issue a prize.
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the rules and the player participating in such cases will not be able to get the prize.
  • In case of any controversial situation, the final decision is made by the company.
  • Europebet reserves the right to change the rules or stop the campaign, without warning.

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