From September 4 to October 8, play the satellites and become one of the five winners,
get into the grand poker event in Malta - "Battle of Malta".


Battle of Malta

Play satellites and win a trip to Malta - the best experience of playing, competition and fun!

Battle of Malta will be held on November 2-7

in Malta, in the casino Portomaso

Prize pool is equal to €500,000 and may exceed €800,000

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Package tour consists of:

  • €500 + €50 buy-in to the Main Event, registration fee.
  • 2 Way Tickets Tbilisi-Malta.
  • 5 nights’ accommodation at the 5-star Hilton Hotel, breakfast included.
  • €250 for travel expenses.
  • Tickets to all four Battle of Malta player parties.
  • Daily dinner buffet at the Portomaso Casino.
  • Europebet Live Poker kit.

Play satellites on Europebet and get a place on the best European tournament with a low buy-in!

level 1

Freeroll Rebuy Freezeout

daily tournaments, the winners get to the main tournament of the day.

1 level BOM Level 1 Freeroll
  • Buy-in: Free
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Min players: 9
  • Style: Rebuy 0.5₾
  • Time: 16:00
  • LATE REG: 30 Min
  • GTD Prize: X2 Tickets to Daily Final
1 level BOM Level 1 Rebuy
  • Buy-in: 1+0.1₾
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Min players: 9
  • Style: Turbo/Rebuy
  • Time: 19:00
  • LATE REG: 60 Min
  • GTD Prize: X5 tickets to Daily Final
1 level BOM Level 1 Freezeout
  • Buy-in: 3+0.3₾
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Min players: 9
  • Style: Freezeout / 1 Re-entry
  • Time: 20:00
  • LATE REG: 30 Min
  • GTD Prize: X5 tickets to Daily Final

level 2

Daily Final Sunday Flips

the daily main tournament, which includes winners of the 1st stage and also those who pay buy-in. The winners of this tournament will get in the Weekly Finale.

2 level BOM Level 2 Daily Final
  • Buy-in: 16+2₾
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Min players: 9
  • Style: Rebuy
  • Time: 23:00
  • LATE REG: 60 Min
  • GTD Prize: X3 Tickets to Weekly Final
  • Sunday stage - All-in tournaments will be held before the weekly finale, the winners of this tournament will be able to enter the tournament of the week.
2 level Sunday Flips
  • Buy-in: 9+1₾
  • Frequency: 30 & 15 Min before weekly final
  • Min players: 4
  • Style: All-In Tournament
  • GTD Prize: Ticket to Weekly Final
  • Finale – Daily finale and winners of the Sunday Flip tournament will get a place. The participant who will take first place will travel to Malta.

level 3

Sunday Weekly Final

  • Buy-in: 90+9₾
  • Frequency: Every Sunday
  • Min players: 4
  • Style: Rebuy
  • Time: 21:00
  • LATE REG: 90 Min
  • GTD Prize: 6 000₾ Battle of Malta Package

From the stage I players move to II, and the winners from this stage get to the weekly finale.
In the same time, players can get to the weekly finale from the Sunday Flips tournament.

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign starts on 4 September and ends on 8 October.
  • Only the verified players can participate in the campaign.
  • One participant can win only one trip to Battle Of Malta, in case of a double win, the second prize will be given to the player on the second place.
  • Within 5 days after the winning, the player must represent all the documents(including the passport), otherwise the ticket will be given to the player who took the next place.
  • The unused prize is not replaced by a cash. It is forbidden to sell, transfer or exchange prize to a third party.
  • The cost of the package tour is 6000₾, which includes the following: Registration for the tournament, air tickets, hotel, €250 travel costs and a gift set of accessories from Europebet.
  • In the case when the costs for one of the participants are less than determined, the difference will not be transferred to the player as (real) money funds.
  • If the winner for any reason can not use the trip ticket, it will be given to the player who took the next place by rating.
  • Winners must participate in the marketing and advertising activities of the company. In case of refusal, Europebet reserves the right not to issue a prize.
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the rules and the player participating in such cases will not be able to get the prize.
  • Europebet reserves the right to change the rules or stop the campaign, without warning.
  • In case of any controversial situation, the final decision is made by the company.

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